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Land-Based Science

Land-Based Science

At Co-op Academy Bebington, we have some of the leading provision for Animal Care in Merseyside through our on-site and off-site working farms. We are one of only a handful of education providers, not just in Wirral, but in Merseyside, that offers Level 2 and Level 3 provision in Animal Care and Animal Management. Our offering includes a range of vocational courses and well as a comprehensive range of extra-curricular activities and trips.

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Key Stage 4 Curriculum

The Level 2 BTEC in Animal Care is a vocational qualification designed to give students an entrance into the animal industry, from pet store management, animal training and livestock management. The course is made up of four units, spilt across Yr 10 and Yr 11, with students sitting an external examination in the January of Yr 11. There is a strong emphasis on practical work and evidencing practical skills within the coursework elements of the course.

Unit 1 – Animal Health Unit 2 – Animal Handling Unit 3 – Animal Welfare Unit 4 – Animal Housing
Students will learn about the different factors that affect an animals health, the clinical signs and effects of poor health in animals ranging from dietary needs to ecto/endoparasites. There is a focus on gaining experience of identifying signs of ill health through practical work with animals ranging from dogs and rabbits to chickens, ducks and goats. Students will learn about all of the different ways in which different animals should be handled safely and at different life stages. There is a focus on evidencing these skills through practical work and coursework. Students learn about the different organisations that uphold animal welfare standards in the UK, such as DEFRA, RSPCA and RBST. In addition to this, students are familiarised with different animal welfare legislation, specifically the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and the RSPCA Five Freedoms. Students complete a period of practical work completing animal housing and maintenance checks for a range of animals, including reptiles, poultry, pigs, sheep and goats. In addition to practical assessments, students must also complete coursework that demonstrates an understanding of the accommodation needs of different animals to ensure that current UK legislation is adhered to.
This is an externally examined unit. This is an internally examined unit. This is an internally examined unit. This is an internally examined unit.

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Key Stage 5 Curriculum

The Level 3 Diploma in Animal Management is a vocational qualification equivalent to two A-levels. Students study Animal Management over ten hours each week utilising our on-site and off-site farm facilities as well as through a range of trips and visits. The course is assessed via a range of different methods, including externally assessed controlled assessment and an exam and internally-assessed coursework. This course is designed to prepare students for a career in the animal industry though links with farming, veterinary and pet sectors.

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Year 12 Year 13
    • Unit 2 – Animal Biology*
    • Unit 3 – Animal Welfare & Ethics*
    • Unit 4 – Practical Animal Husbandry
    • Unit 5 – Animal Behaviour
    • Unit 6 – Animal Health & Disease

* – Externally Assessed Unit

  • Unit 7 – Work Experience in Land-based Sector
  • Unit 8 – Investigative Research Project
  • Unit 19 – Farm Livestock Husbandry
  • Unit 24 – Wildlife Ecology & Conservation Management
  • Unit 15 – Developing a Business in the Animal Sector