Mental Health Awareness

Dear Parent / Carer,

We understand that during lockdown students may be feeling low for a multitude of reasons. If your child is struggling with anything related to their mental health please feel free to email our school office ( with the subject title ‘Support For Child’ and include their name and form. We will ensure that this is picked up by the appropriate person in school and will offer our own advice, support and referral systems.

We have attached a document which gives some practical tips on how you might be able to help your children during lockdown, some tell tale signs that young people may be suffering from anxiety and also some tips to help them manage any potential stresses. It also includes a list of websites and apps which young people may find useful to help them manage their mental health during these difficult times.

We have attached a second document which gives parents top tips when talking to young people about their mental health.

We have also attached a third document which contains contact details of where young people can turn for support with all manner of worries such as anxiety, eating disorders, sexual advice, sleep, substance abuse, OCD, LGBTQ+ advice and so on. We are not suggesting for one moment that all our students need this support, but we are aware that this is a very challenging time for young people and indeed adults. We feel it would be remiss of us not to signpost students to these support services if they were in need of them.

Kind regards

Mr Connolly

Assistant Head Teacher

SEMH Support Parentmail

Tips For Parents And Carers For Talking With Children About Mental Health Parentmail

Where To Turn For Support Parentmail