An Update from Ms Kelly | 11th March 2021


I’m really keen to encourage more parental engagement as we return to normality and students are back in school.

I want you to share the good news, and bad news, with me. We don’t always get things right, and we’re all moving through this return to school gently – learning as we go. So do let me, or my colleagues, know if we can do things better.

You can email the school office at – and mark it for the attention of Ms Kelly. Or you can call my PA Steph on 0151 641 6683. 

We’re going to be sharing more through our Facebook and Twitter pages as well. We do have some guidelines for how you can engage with us through social media safely.

Please use the official channels as above. Parents should not be sharing details of students on social media – especially through unofficial Facebook pages. We have a duty of care to protect the identity of students and details around the support they have in school. So please only discuss that with us in a private forum.

We also don’t monitor or see private pages, so we can’t help if we don’t know about it.

Social media keeps things forever, and it doesn’t limit who can see it – including other students and parents.

As an employer, we also have a duty of care to our colleagues. Please don’t discuss issues you have with staff on social media – be productive and positive and raise your concerns formally. 

At a time when mental health is once again in the news – please consider how your words and where you put them may have an impact on people far beyond what you expect.

I want to encourage as much positive engagement as possible so please do go to our social media channels – and you may notice we’ve just made some changes to our website. We’d love to hear feedback on that.

And finally, you should also complete our Your Voice survey. This is the perfect place to tell us what we’re doing well and what we can improve.

Thank you all for your support.

C Kelly

Head Teacher